Tzedek DC’s community outreach is designed to spread preventive education and build trust with client communities.  These activities increase the willingness of community members to seek legal assistance when future needs arise, while providing immediate practical education regarding consumer-related rights and responsibilities.  Such preventive education helps DC residents proactively address their financial problems. 

Tzedek DC’s community outreach initiatives include distributing Know Your Rights materials in English and Spanish, in partnership with the United Planning Organization and the Hispanic National Bar Association.  In particular, these materials spell out the rights of consumers under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and under DC laws.

In addition, we co-teach financial literacy courses in partnership with the United Planning Organization, and offer follow-up legal services for course participants.

Educational Resources

Are you receiving threatening phone calls from a debt collector?  Are you unable to get a job because of a bad credit report?  Has your license been suspended due to a civil debt default judgment?  Tzedek DC may be able to help you with these issues.  Please contact Tzedek DC if you are a District of Columbia resident facing a debt- or consumer-related legal matter and are seeking help.

If you are facing a debt-related legal crisis or know someone who is, these links provide useful information:

If either your driver's license has been suspended OR you were denied renewal of your license because of unpaid debt we may be able to help:

For community members looking for  help filing taxes, check out some of the terrific resources from CAAB: